Enhancing Athletic Performance with Oriental Medicine

  It is well known that acupuncture can be used in the treatment of pain and injury, it seems to be less well known that it is also used to enhance athletic performance. Click here to read more…

Healthy Summer Foods

Oriental medicine is always reminding us that if we harmonize ourselves with the season we can keep our body balanced.  This means that as seasons change, we adjust the foods we eat and the activities we do.  Summertime is a time of growth, expansion, lightness and outward activity.  The season corresponds to the element of […]

Treating Your Allergies

Spring is officially here with warmer weather, longer days, new growth appearing, and, of course, wind and pollen.  Yes, for many people this is the signal of the onset of allergy season. Allergic rhinitis, also called seasonal allergies, is caused by an over-reaction of the immune system to natural material in the environment, with pollen […]

2012 Spring Cleanse

It's just about SPRING!  That wonderful time of year when the air seems clean, nature explodes with life and color and, if you're like us, you just want to get outside and be a part of it all.  Our Spring Cleanse Special  is all about getting healthy and in tune with nature – starting with […]

Women’s Health and Oriental Medicine

Most people are not aware of the extent of how Oriental medicine can help with women’s health issues. Gynecology and the treatment of women's diseases has been a field of specialization in Oriental medicine since the medicine’s inception thousands of years ago. Oriental medicine offers the opportunity for women to treat their health conditions in […]

Community Acupuncture

People in the United States have demonstrated a growing interest in health, wellness, preventative medicine, and alternative healing over the past decade. However, many have assumed that alternative wellness treatment options are just too expensive to be feasible. The problem is that the current economic climate has contributed to creating a population that cannot afford […]